FACES IV & Circumplex Model:
Validation Study
Olson, JMFT, 2011 (17 pages)

FACES IV and Attachment:
Baptist (2012) Amer. J. Family Therapy

Data Analysis:
Data Analysis using FACES IV Scores

Comparison of FACES IV with
FACES II and III Overview (1 page)

Circumplex Model and FACES IV
Map (1 page)

Additional Information about FACES IV:

Sample Items on FACES IV

Agreement on Usage of FACES IV

Abstract Form for Use of FACES IV

Guidelines for Translation

Score & Store FACES Data in Excel

Validated in several languages (Arabic, Greek,
Hungarian, Italian, Spanish)

FACES IV and Military Families
Oshri and Colleagues 2015 (1 page)

Overview Article on Circumplex Model and FACES
Olson and Gorall 2003 (33 pages)

Review of Studies on Circumplex Model
using FACES II & III
Kouneski 2000 (60 pages)

Over 500 FACES Studies & References
Kouneski 2000 (47 pages - 17.5MB)

International Studies with FACES IV

French Circumplex Model (2010)

Greek FACES IV (2012)
Validation of Greek Version

Hungarian FACES IV Validation (2010)
Cross-Cultural Applicability

Italian FACES IV (2013)
Validation with Adolescents

Italian FACES IV (2013)
Validation with Adults

Italian FACES IV (2017)
Second Validation with Adults

Italian FACES IV (2017)
Clinical vs. Normal Italian Families

Polish Studies (In English) using FACESIV (2015)
Family in the Systems-Centered Perspective,
Theory and Research

Polish FACES IV (2014)
Outcome Study of Alcoholic Families
in Poland using FACES IV

Portugal Study (2014)
Healthy Functioning in Families
with Schizophrenic Parent

Portuguese Study (2013)
Validation with Adult Children
of Parents With Cancer

Romanian FACES IV Study (2017)
Journal of Family Issues, 2017

Romanian FACES III Study (2016)

Spanish FACES IV - Psychometric Properties (2017)
Psicothema, 2017

Spanish FACES IV Validation (2010)
Family Journal, 2010

Uruguay FACES IV (2013)

Uruguay FACES IV (2009)

Overview of FACES IV

FACES IV is available for use in research projects, educational programs and clinical work. In order to make FACES IV more comprehensive than the previous versions of FACES, the materials now include the six scales from FACES IV and the additional scales of Family Communication and Family Satisfaction.

While FACES IV assesses the cohesion and flexibility dimensions, Family Communication assesses communication (the third dimension of the Circumplex Model) and Family Satisfaction assesses how happy family members are with their family system.

FACES IV Features:

  • Six new family scales: These six scales assess the dimensions of family cohesion and family flexibility from the Circumplex Model. These six scales include two balanced and four unbalanced scales. These scales have very good levels of reliability and validity. There are seven items in each scale, making a total of 42 items in FACES IV.

  • Two Balanced Scales: These two scales are called Balanced Cohesion and Balanced Flexibility-similar to FACES II so results can be linked with past research using FACES. These scores are linear scales so that the higher the score, the more positive.

  • Four Unbalanced Scales: These four scales assess the low and high extremes of the two dimensions called Disengaged and Enmeshed for the Cohesion dimension and Rigid and Chaotic for the Flexibility dimension. The higher the score the more problematic the family system.

  • Balanced/Unbalanced Ratio Score: This score is designed to assess the level of function/dysfunction in a family system and to assess curvilinearity. The ratio scores is only for research studies.

  • Six Family Types: Using cluster analysis of the six FACES IV scales, six family types were identified and they ranged from happy to unhappy and were called: Balanced, Rigidly Cohesive, Midrange, Flexibly Unbalanced, Chaotically Unbalanced and Unbalanced.

  • Plotting on the Circumplex Model: Using dimension scores for cohesion and flexibility (based on the six scales), it is possible to plot the location on the Circumplex Model.
    View Circumplex Model for FACES IV

  • Profile Summary: This profile is designed to plot the six FACES IV scales along with the Family Communication and Family Satisfaction scales. Download Profile Summary

    Family Communication Scale:
    This 10 item scale addresses many of the most important aspects of communication in a family system. Communication is considered a facilitating dimension in the Circumplex Model and there is now a short and reliable assessment for this dimension.

    Family Satisfaction Scale:
    This 10 item scale assesses the satisfaction of family members in regard to family cohesion, flexibility and communication. This is an important addition to the package since it assesses satisfaction with the current family system.

  • Cost of the FACES IV

    The cost for the FACES IV materials and permission to use it for a research project or clinical assessment is $95. The person ordering FACES IV also receives unlimited rights to duplicate the assessment for their own project. However, this fee provides permission to only the person who purchases the assessment.

    Student discounts for doctoral dissertations are $75.

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